Pace e Bene Australia invites you to join us on a journey, exploring nonviolent living…

Through the provision of educational materials and community workshop facilitators, we provide a study and action program that explores nonviolence as a creative, powerful and effective process for addressing and resolving the conflicts in our lives and in the life of the world. Drawing on the vision of Jesus, Gandhi, Dorothy Day, Martin Luther King, Jr., Shelley Douglass, John Dear and many others, these programs offer your church, school, community, or group resources to deepen the journey from fear to freedom, from despair to hope, from violence to wholeness.

Pace e Bene Australia facilitates workshops in three related programs:

We invite you to explore this site, read about the programs, and if you feel led, to contact us to discuss how we can work with your community to be the change you wish to see.



  1. Joe Pokas · · Reply

    We are a little non violence group living in a rurual area in papua new guinea and we have been teaching and promoting non violent activities in our communities. We have been here existing for 4years but is not recognised by the govt states bodies .We have not given up yet but are looking for assistance from our sister countries and groups like you for assistance. our contact. Mrs Gabriella Pokas or Mr Joe Pokas . Vilelo Primary School.PO Box 196. Bialla. West New Britain Province. Papua New Guinea. We may be sending in a full report between our contacts later. many thanks.

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