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Obama’s Nobel War speech: What if?

What if Obama had made a study of the few places nonviolence was tried against Hitler (like in Denmark) and successfully halted Hitler’s armies and saved the lives of 7,000 Jews? What if instead of merely quoting the Balkans, Obama made a real study of the nonviolent movement “Otpor!” that brought down Slobodan Milosevic? What if Obama fought terrorism by taking the billions in his war budget (which exceeds that of George W. Bush), and invested it in grassroots community development, health care, and education in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq (and at home)?


killing for Jesus is like shagging for celibacy

Jesus killed Mohammed?!?! May 15th, 2009 – by Jarrod McKenna Jeff Sharlet’s brave work (one recent article titled “Jesus Killed Mohammed”) exposes the rise of right wing fundamentalism at the heart of the US military. My latest article on God’s Politics is about how a generation are waking up to the fact that killing for […]

Nobel Peace Nominee receives news in jail: our mate John Dear

My friend and inspiring brother John Dear sent me an email reading like an epistle from jail that brought to mind both the Apostle Paul and Martin Luther King’s vision and faith behind bars. While the Powers that be had him in court doing all they can do accuse him personally and attack him, including the […]

“I will combat it by humble love.”

Jarrod McKenna’s Wednesday’s with Gandhi: “When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love has always won. There have been tyrants and murderers and for a time they seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall — think of it, always.” –Mohandas Gandhi I’m off to Indonesia this […]

Jesus for President (and PM!)

first posted at  Guest blogger in the backyard: Jarrod McKenna Our friend Shane Claibourne, that mega-phone of amazing grace is at it again, this time campaigning for “Jesus for President”!   to read an Australian take click here For a video explaining why you shouldn’t vote for Jesus this election click here So as […]

Orthodoxy and heretics like Calvin?

Jarrod McKenna’s Wednesday’s with Gandhi: “Today I rebel against orthodox Christianity, as I am convinced that it has distorted the message of Jesus. He was an Asiatic whose message was delivered through many media, and when it had the backing of a Roman emperor it became an imperialist faith as it remains to this day.” […]

Gandhi and ‘Jesus Camp’

Jarrod McKenna’s Wednesday’s with Gandhi: “If Jesus came to earth again, he would disown many things that are being done in the name of Christianity. It is not he who says ‘Lord, Lord’ that is a Christian, but “He that doeth the will of the Lord’ that is a true Christian. And cannot he, who […]