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(National) Nonviolent Leadership for Interfaith Peacebuilders 2012

Applications are now open for this highly anticipated and incredible program that Pace e Bene Australia are offering in 2012. You can find all the information at the Project website. Advertisements

Anzac Day Weekend 2010 Conference ‘Putting an End to War’

This conference will be held from 23-26 April, starting with Friday dinner and an evening session and ending probably soon after Monday lunch at the Australian Quaker Centre, “Silver Wattle” 1063 Lake Road Bungendore, NSW. The conference is entitled “Putting an end to War” – a 3-day workshop on personal resistance to war and military […]

Open Invitation to our National Gathering

Adelaide: November 6th – 9th 2008 This is an open invitation to be a part of our National Gathering in Adelaide later this year which seeks to bring together people from around the country to network, share experiences and be further equipped for nonviolent life and action. Costs will be kept to a minimum with […]