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Nonviolent Orthopraxis and Just War Theory

Via Waging Nonviolence (an awesome blog) comes this interview with Sant’Egidio leader Andrea Bartoli on peacemaking, nonviolence and just war theory. It’s a great read: NS: Since Augustine, Catholic tradition has upheld just war theory. Does Sant’Egidio see itself, like the Catholic Worker movement in the United States, as a challenge to that tradition? Or […]

MLK meets Talisman Saber 09: the Full Wrap

Simon Moyle has collected all the reflections from peace activists at Talisman Sabre 09, as well as mainstream media coverage. You can find it all here.

Great videos from the Peace Convergence

Report by Peace Journalist Jake Lynch, Director of the University of Sydney Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies The Bonhoeffer 4 by Julian Masters WIN News Report of 7 protesters entering the war games site, followed by footage of them explaining their action

Christian Nonviolent Direct Action as Public Theology

In  August 2005 a group known as Christians Against Greed joined a rowdy protest against a conference of global corporations at the Sydney Opera House, and found themselves sharing the Eucharist with riot police and anarchists. On Human Rights Day that year, four activists calling themselves Christians Against All Terrorism broke into and attempted a […]

Climate Change: A Call to Action

With Ross Garnaut finding a conclusion that doesn’t match his own evidence, the challenge for the climate movement is to move quickly and strategically to ensure the Rudd Government does not settle on a weak target (eg. 10% by 2020) for CO2 emissions. I propose that the time has come for a large-scale campaign of […]

Strategic nonviolent action on climate change

On the train today I was mulling over what a strategic campaign of NVDA might look like on climate change, rather than just a bunch of random symbolic actions (good as they are). It seems to me that NVDA plays a strategic role when it exerts pressure on the political system. For this to happen, […]

9/11 Seven Years On

This comes from Sojourners in Washiongton DC. If only, huh? Seven years ago this morning, airplanes were flown into the World Trade Center towers, the Pentagon, and a field in rural Pennsylvania. The next day I joined with a few others to draft the following statement. In a few weeks, more than 4,000 of America’s […]