Upcoming Workshops:

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The primary activity of Pace e Bene Australia is to facilitate the Engage, From Violence to Wholeness and Travelling with the Turtle workshops around Australia. We also provide shorter and introductory workshops on nonviolence.

These might be short seminars, day-long workshops, or full 12-session weeknight programs.

We have facilitators in every state and territory except Tasmania and NT. You can find out about planned workshops in your area below, or contact the nearest member of the steering committee to discuss the workshops and how we can support you – either by facilitating a program for your community or just providing some advice on how to do it yourselves.

What people are saying about us:

NONVIOLENT PEACEMAKING RETREAT : “This is going to change everything in my life.”

NONVIOLENT PEACEMAKING RETREAT: “I hadn’t expected to come away thinking about conflict inside organisations and networks in which I am involved and how that conflict could be more constructive and helpful rather than being a difficulty… starting to work through this will be really important.”

ENGAGE FACILITATOR TRAINING: “Thank you for a thorough hands-on approach to nonviolence and the Pace e Bene experience. I am blessed to have been able to be part of the time. I still ponder and reflect on the insights over the weekend. I am attempting to spread the insight to many colleagues I encounter.”

ENGAGE FACILITATOR TRAINING: “It was one the most powerful, positive, actively peace-making experiences I have had in a very long time.”

ENGAGE FACILITATOR TRAINING: “The co-learning included everyone present and was uplifting and exciting. This was one of the best outcomes for me as I realise that for the program to be available to everyone it must be flexible enough to cater for everyone. Therefore the importance of learning from each other through dialogue, shared experiences and in the discomfort zone gives the process meaning and richness that would otherwise not be present. I met and spoke frankly and openly with people who I was unlikely to meet in any other way, without fear, with little reservation, and was rewarded enormously.”

ENGAGE FACILITATOR TRAINING: “I learnt heaps both as a facilitator (useful in any adult ed setting) & as a new person to the nonviolent way of Jesus. Overall a brilliant weekend, I was kept in my discomfort zone most of the weekend & was only alarmed a little on the Wednesday night at some comments made by participants. By the end of the time together I felt closer to those 2 than I could have ever expected on the Wednesday.”

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